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1) Body Language Sports

Body Language Sports Wear is an apparel company based in Los Angeles, California.

We produce crazy, sexy, and cool women’s active wear designed to keep up with the modern woman. All our products are made in the USA. Every piece of clothing produced is quality women's active wear designed to keep up with active women and challenge them to push their bodies to the limits.

Payscout has been instrumental in our company's growth by allowing us to process payments in ways that are friendly and easy. For example, Payscout linked our accounts receivableso it can run under QuickBooks with a plugin. Now, we can process credit cards directly in QuickBooks with the simple click of a button.

Also, when our website was built, Payscout provided us with a module, thus allowing online processing.

Furthermore, we couldn't accept credit cards at various shows we exhibited. Payscout provided us a mobile swipe solution that connected to our company IPAD making credit card processing at shows a breeze.
We highly recommend Payscout for all your credit card processing needs.

2) http://chargebacks911.com/

Chargeback911 provides a specialized service to USA merchants dealing with chargebacks. Managing chargebacks is a headache. The process can be very time consuming, tedious, and frustrating. Chargeback911 is able to relieve merchants of this task by handing the entire process.

Being experts in the Chargeback field also gives us a great wealth of knowledge in the credit card industry. And when we decided to choose our own merchant service provider, we made Payscout our partner.

Payscout cut through all the red tape and provided us streamlined credit card processing, both online and in-house. The fee structure was the lowest, and Payscout provided a solution with no contracts or cancelation fees.

Through times of great financial insecurity during the great recession, it was comforting that we could rely on Payscout’s ethical business practices. Having been a Payscout partner for over 5 years, Chargeback911 strongly recommends you choose Payscout for your credit card processing needs.

3) www.videoblocks.com
VideoBlocks.com is a subscription-based website that provides members with unlimited downloads of stock video, motion backgrounds, production music, sound effects, special effects, After Effects templates, and much more. While most competitors charge exorbitant rates for single use content items, we allow subscribing members to download unlimited high quality content as often as they want and many times cheaper than a single clip from a competitor.

VideoBlocks.com is proud to have been honored as America’s #4 Fastest-Growing Media Company by Inc. Magazine. In a three-year period we exceeded growth to over 1,606%. Our 2009 revenues flourished from $1.3 million to over $7.5 million in 2012.

VideoBlocks.com business model is about online subscriptions. To scale effectively, we needed a merchant service provider to help us develop easy and friendly online payment processing, provide 100% uptime, security, and a thought leader. The merchant service provider for VideoBlocks.com was an easy decision, we chose Payscout and highly recommend them for any company processing credit cards.

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