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No matter where your business takes you, Payscout has a solution you can depend on. We're here to save you money and provide an awesome service - so get let’s started and begin processing today!

With Payscout, all of your customer data is SECURE and PROTECTED! Payscout uses the highest level in PCI security by running military grade encryption technologies deployed over redundant data centers monitored by both hardware and software security metrics.

Plainly put, our security is equivalent to that of a Bank Vault.

Payscout can help your business with:

Credit Card Processing

Payscout offers merchant account solutions, cutting edge technology and secure credit card processing at competitive rates for Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®& American Express®.

Payscout Virtual Gateway

Payscout's payment gateway takes online payments and performs the same function as a terminal store.

Visa®&MasterCard® Processing

Visa® and MasterCard® now permit merchants to surcharge their customer's Credit Card Transactions!
Reduce your merchant transaction fees to $0.00 - 100% Guaranteed

Retail Processing Solutions

Our retail merchant account solutions authorize, settle and manage credit card transactions from your retail store

Mobile Credit Card Processing

Payscout provides the convenience of mobile credit card and signature debit card processing helping you grow your business.

Online / Phone Processing

Our electronic payment gateway combines the functionality of an electronic countertop terminal with the power to process transactions online.

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