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Frequent Asked Questions

What is Payscout?

Payscout is a merchant service provider (MSP) that helps businesses to accept credit cards such as Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, American Express®, Diners Club®, JCB® and more.

How do I get started accepting cards?

Payscout makes the process very easy.
Simply complete our online application, upload a few documents and you’re done. Our process takes less than 15 minutes. There is nothing to print or mail and you can even digitally sign all your documents online.

How much does it cost to sign up?

Nothing- It's free. No application fees, no contracts, no nonsense.
We even provide you with a free terminal or mobile swipe.

Is there a contract with Payscout?

There are no contracts. Cancel anytime. No hassles and no questions asked.

What is a chargeback?

A chargeback is when a customer disputes the charge they see on their statement. The customer basically does not agree with the amount, or completely declines the charge due to fraud.
The merchant is notified in writing (or electronically) and allowed to provide an explanation. A decision is made by the credit card issuer (not Payscout) as to who is right and wrong.
If the merchant loses the chargeback they are debited the amount of the transaction, as well as penalties associated with a chargeback.

How can I preventchargebacks?

Here are the top ways to prevent chargebacks:

  • Explain refund, and return policies on all sales prior to the transaction.
  • Respond to all inquiries and letters from customers and the bank on time. Usually the chargeback letters have a deadline to reply to them and missing this deadline will trigger an instant loss against your company.
  • Make sure the name that appears on the customer’s statement is the same name used on your business receipts. This will prevent confusion from the customer that usually has no choice but to chargeback to find out who you are.
  • Use Address Verification (AVS) to prevent Fraud. AVS will allow you to reject transactions if the address does not match.
  • Take caution on online orders from free email addresses. Most of the fraud is usually from free emails because they make it harder to track and many fraudsters can hide behind them.
  • Take an Imprint of the card. In many cases where a magnetic strip is worn out, or unreadable an imprint of the card provides proof it was actually presented in person.
  • Take caution on foreign orders- Statistically most of the fraud online comes from Asia, Africa and the Middle East. If you receive an order, especially one with priority shipping to one of these locations, be very cautious.

Technical Frequently Asked Questions

Does Payscout provide an Application Programming Interface (API) ?
Answer: Yes Payscout provides a detailed API allowing you to do nearly any custom integration you require. Payscout also provides prebuilt modules for many of the popular shopping carts such as Magento, Open Cart, Prestashop and more.

What programming language do I need to use to integrate into Payscout ?
Almost any language can be used with Payscout.
Integration is based primarily on an HTTP post encrypted under Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Payscout has developers currently using C, C++, C#, PHP, PERL, Java, python, RubyiOS and Android. Please complete our support form for more details.

How can I receive a test account?
Please complete our support form and we’ll provide you with a test account.

What mobile Swipe do you support?
We support nearly every USB swipe.

Where is your privacy policy?
Answer: Payscout maintains the highest level of privacy both on this website and company wide. Please review it here, privacy policy and we’ll provide you with a test account.